Monday, March 3, 2008

Historic & Genealogy Society Libraries a Must-Visit

In these days of high-tech research, amateur genealogists sometimes neglect to use one of their most valuable resources -- the library. This includes both the local facility, and also the libraries that are often available in conjunction with a historic or genealogical society.

In most cases, where the ancestor you are seeking lived, is where you should be locating the nearest historical society. Many of these small libraries are just now creating web sites in order to promote their valuable archives. Most do not have their data online.

If their web site has an email address, try writing to see if they will perform research for you. Some charge up front by the hour, and others offer it freely (one historical society send me a huge packet of information on my family, free of charge. Of course I sent them a donation that more than adequately covered the postage).

A Google search, or a USGenWeb site should help you locate these facilities.